Biomechanical Movement Analysis

When we have an injury, the body adapts how it moves. Biomechanical Movement Analysis looks at your movement and aids your rehab journey.

Biomechanical Movement Analysis Sutton Coldfield

Conditions That Benefit

Do you suffer from runner’s knee? If so, you might benefit from visiting Sharp Rehab and having me take a look at you.

But this is only one of the conditions that may benefit you in your rehabilitation journey.

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Biomechanical Movement Analysis Sutton Coldfield

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially this means I will look at how you move. 


When we have an injury, the body adapts how it moves. Think of a time you’ve twisted your ankle, you may have limped for a few days depending on how serious it was. This is an adaptive movement pattern. 


The chances are you won’t be able to perform a squat with as good a form as a toddler naturally does to pick something off the floor. This can be due to some restriction in movement either of joints, or from tight muscles. 

If you load the muscles/joints in a way that is not biomechanically optimal this can cause wear and tear of joints, tendons and muscles and this can cause pain. 


A common injury is runners’ knee, often the connective tissue band down the side of the thigh (ITB) gets excessively tight which leads to increased friction and irritation of the band when it crosses over the femoral epicondyle during activities.  Often the reason for the ITB getting tight is due to mechanical imbalances in the body, especially involving the low back, pelvis, hips, and knees.

Honestly, this can be a very frustrating part of the rehab journey for you, the patient. As I can only tell you what to look out for and it takes a lot of concentration on your part, when you’re not in the treatment room with me. Especially if you developed the adaptation a long time ago, this is now your “normal”, and we may have to try and correct it, if it is a factor for the pain you are experiencing. 


I will try to give you as many cues as possible, to remind you when you are not in the clinic, as it will become more natural the more often you can practice what is required. 

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