Hip Pain

Pain in the muscles or joints in the hip/pelvic region can arise from any of a number of factors.

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Hip Pain Sutton Coldfield

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Pain in the muscles or joints in the hip/pelvic region can arise from any of a number of factors. You may feel pain in your buttocks, on the outside of your hip/thigh, deep within the hip.

Sometimes it is closely associated with lower back pain. 

Do to the many different structures around the hip/pelvic region, and the variety of presentations of pain in this region, if your pain doesn’t settle within 2 weeks it would be wise to get an assessment to clarify what is causing your pain, and how to treat it. 

hip pain sutton coldfield

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on what is causing the hip pain. There are many structures around the hip joint that can cause pain.


A full assessment will help identify what is causing the pain and a treatment plan will be developed depending on what the assessment reveals. 

Again, this will depend on the cause of the pain.


Some pain may gradually settle on its own, some may lead to further injury and the longer you leave it the longer it will take to resolve.


If your pain has lingered for more than a couple of weeks and you can honestly say that you have stopped doing the main aggravating activities, it would be wise to get this assessed to rule out anything more serious. 

  • An ache or pain around the hip region. This pain may refer into the thigh. 
  • Discomfort during or following exercise is sometimes an early sign of hip arthritis. 
  • The pain may cause you to start walking with a limp or disturb your sleep. 
  • Stiffness – has the range of movement around your hip joint reduced, are you struggling to put your shoes and socks on?
  • Swelling or tenderness around the hip.

Some form of exercise will relieve some symptoms of hip pain. Therefore, gentle mobility/stretching exercises can be good for hip pain.


Depending on what is causing the pain, you may find some exercises in a sitting position aggravate symptoms, therefore hip flexor stretches in standing may be beneficial. If weight bearing/standing makes your symptoms worse then try some exercises in sitting/lying position.


You may find that performing some exercises in the pool using the buoyancy of the water helps – see the aqua rehab page for further details for this. 

If running is causing you pain, it is advised to have a rest from running and see if your symptoms settle.


When the pain eases then try gradually reintroducing running into your activities. You could try starting off with a shorter than normal distance; slowing your pace; try a walk/run type programme to see how you tolerate the impact again. 


It may be wise to also introduce a strengthening programme if you’re not already doing this.

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