Manual Therapy

Sharp Rehab offers manual therapy in Sutton Coldfield to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint issues.

Manual Therapy Sutton Coldfield

A “hands on” treatment

Manual therapy is a clinical treatment using a variety of hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joints:

  • to reduce pain
  • improve range of movement
  • reduce soft tissue inflammation
  • improve tissue repair
  • induce relaxation
  • enable movement
  • improve function
manual therapy Sutton Coldfield

Techniques include, but are not limited to

Any techniques used in your treatment will be explained prior to being applied, and of course if you have any concerns about a suggested treatment, we can try alternative methods. 

Aqua Rehab in Sutton Coldfield

A great form of treatment for many sports injuries.

Avoid the NHS waiting lists and visit your local specialist injury rehab clinic in Sutton Coldfield today.